The Shady Me – In the arms of Depression

Written By – Neha Gupta (Author of “Phases of Moon”)

Dark are the clouds of pessimism,

Darker than the starless night.

Oh Lord! I cannot see through it any more,

The smog of emptiness is chocking my soul.


The big ‘D’ has blocked my mind to the light and happiness,

And has made me numb to all happy factors around.


I feel burrying my face into my soul and never get up,

to face the odds, that chill my spine through.


The fury, anger, anxiety have become the devils of my heart,

Busy corroding me inside, making me feel to end the strife.

A strife between my dearies and the ascending mounds of emptiness.


For a moment, I am sane

And again it’s the same drenching pain.

It kills, it makes me still every second,

Makes me think, if I am the same person, loved and lovable,

Am I the same creature, whose smile would light up lives?


I want to pull myself out, before the big ‘D’ gulps me in,

Burdening me more with the guilt and sin.


I need that light of love and hope,

That can carry me through this dark

And lead me to contentment, peace and love.

Peace, that I can make with my soul

And feel the world lively and whole.


“Phases of Moon”  is available in print and as an E book on Amazon, Flipkart, Infibeam, Kobo and Google play.


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सुना है इश्क़ भी रब की इबादत से कम नहीं है।

तू एक खुशबू है उपवन का, जुदा कोई कर नहीं सकता,
तू है एक ख्वाब आँखो का फना कोई कर नहीं सकता।
जतन कर ले कोई कितना जमाने मे जुदाई का,
तेरे मेरे मोहब्बत को वो रुसवा कर नहीं सकता।
है मेरे रूह भी बंदी जेहन मे तू भी है अब भी,
वजह अब जो भी हो साथी, लूटा हूं जीत कर सभी,
नहीं कुछ पास अब मेरे नहीं कुछ डर जमाने का,
चले है इस कदर की मंजिल से नुमाया कर नहीं सकते।
कश्मकश है कि मंजिल तू है या खुद खुदा मेरे,
फना हो आरजू की रब मे या की इश्क़ मे तेरे,
सुना है इश्क़ भी रब की इबादत से कम नहीं है तो,
सनम और रब को हम खुद से पराया कर नहीं सकते।
                                                ~ शिशिर प्रियदर्शी
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How to write interesting characters for your fiction writing

It’s been over 30 years that the Hindi Film titled “Mr. India” was released in India in 1987 and till date we remember the character Mogambo and his famous dialogue “Mogambo Khush hua”. Even today, it is used in many colloquial contexts and situations to express achievement or satisfaction. That’s the power of creative writing. Mogambo is an example of brilliant and long-lasting characterization. Writer duo Salim-Javed did the magic.

Apart from Mogambo, over the years we’ve had very interesting characters on both celluloid and on paper. For any fiction writing be it cinema, storybook or a novel, apart from the story, the central theme; the next thing that entices a reader are the characters. And well-crafted characters also become a very convenient tool at the hands of the writer to convey their thoughts to the readers.

Stories told through characters tend to stay with us longer vis-à-vis stories told through merely circumstances and situations. Many a times, it is the very definition of the character that helps a writer navigate through the story. This particularly applies to long drawn series where sometimes the story becomes so elongated that it hits a roadblock and that time, often, it is the very definition of either one or protagonists or the central characters that acts as the guidance system for the writer, example – American TV Show titled “Person of Interest”.

So, naturally, the next pertinent question is, what is the cue to creating interesting memorable characters for your story?

Apart from thinking about the story and its presentation and setting up the screenplay (or the décor of a novel), creating characters can be a very challenging step, or let me correct myself, creating memorable, lasting and interesting characters can be a very challenging step. One might argue that the 12 character archetypes laid down by Jung i.e.

  1. Creator – If it can be imagined, it can be created
  2. Caregiver – Love your neighbor as yourself
  3. Ruler – Power isn’t everything, it’s the only thing
  4. Jester – If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution
  5. Regular Gal/Guy – All men and women are created equal
  6. Lover – I only have eyes for you
  7. Hero – Where there’s a will, there’s a way
  8. Outlaw – Rules are meant to be broken
  9. Magician – It can happen!
  10. Innocent – Free to be you and me
  11. Explorer – Don’t fence me in
  12. Sage – The truth will set you free

These archetypes can act as a good guidance system for a novice writer, but these only say what needs to be achieved and not how.

To cater to the how part, it needs to be remembered, that every human being is capable of great imagination and harbors some of the exquisite fantasies. All, the writer needs to do is delve deep inside and look for those unexpressed, unsatisfied, longing characteristics, garnished with imagination and saddled with some practical real-life constraints to create memorable and interesting characters.

One of the foremost requirements is to read extensively, both fiction and non-fiction. Non-fiction, reality based books like memoirs, biographies travelogues, etc. also serve as a great source of some juicy real life references.

It is often said that “truth is stranger than fiction” and rightly so. Real life stories offer much more drama, thrill and an interesting mix of the above character archetypes which can help the writer create some of the most wonderful characters ever created. It also needs to be remembered that the above character archetypes are also nothing but a very careful and long term observation of human psychology.

Over a period of time the character archetypes have evolved, even though these 12 primitive archetypes continue to hold the pivotal position in character design. However, slowly, as there is more and more acceptance for art forms like literature, cinema, storytelling, grey characters (neither pure hero, nor pure villain) have increasingly come to gain prominence, as they closely resemble their real-life conceptual doppelgangers.

Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying, regardless of what theory you follow, your characters should be relatable, even if they are totally imaginary and draw no reference from any real person.

Virag Dhulia

About the writer:

Virag Dhulia is a registered screenwriter, novelist and short film maker. His novel titled “Chess without a Queen” is available on various online platforms. Short films written and directed by him are available on the YouTube channel – “Chai Pakoda”. Virag also writes movie reviews occasionally on his website –



The Guiding Themes behind ‘A Friend Like Karna’

Written By – Madhav Thapar (Author of “A Friend Like Karna” )

I had two guiding themes:

First, for inspiration the age old epic of the Mahabharata, and in particular the noble and heroic character of the great Karna. Second, for context, the contemporary world of fast paced India with its glamour, competitiveness, adrenalin and growing neuroticism.

The idea was to tell a tale that embodied eternal values, but yet would be easy for the present generation to relate with and most importantly would capture their interest. So the words are deliberately few, the action hectic, and the events cascade in a significant rush.

The setting is contemporary and the action shifts between the megapolises of Delhi and Mumbai as two rival business families battle each other. Politics, The Indian Mafia and the Glamour World form the backdrop of the rich canvas, and for the romantic, there is a tender underlying love story.

At the heart of the storm is the main protagonist, Veer- A modern day Friend like Karna- who must overcome not only his powerful adversaries, but the legacy of his birth. Veer is brave, loyal, principled and generous like the mythological Karna, but can he change both Fate and History?

Filled with memorable characters, some modeled on counterparts from the Mahabharata, but with distinct characteristics of their own, and twists that challenge some of the more conventional stereotypes in the epic, my book is not just about good and evil, or black and white, but shades of grey. It is also about redemption and evolution as the lead players journey through their life events which change them for  the better or in some cases the worse!

Indian readers will recognize familiar locales and famous names, all positioned to bring about a correlation and identification with the main theme. The context of the book however is global as well. Change the cities and the names of the characters and the same Corporate Battles, human conflict and emotions have a universal place.

To say any more, would be at the risk of spoiling the suspense. So do grab your copy today and share your honest feedback.

A Friend Like Karna is available in print and as an E book on Amazon, Flipkart, Infibeam, Kobo and Google play.



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Written By – Sujata Chatterjee (Author of “ Looking through the PRISM : Spectrum”)

When you have a dream

Save them in your heart

It will be oxygenated in your lungs

It shall run through your arteries

And be distributed to your organs.


Do not store them in your eyes

As they will fall as tears

Your photographic retina

Shall focus the dreams as sadness

Your iris will develop them as negatives.


Do not store them in your brain

As it will drown in the cerebrospinal fluid

Fall into the sulci from the gyri

The grey matter will ask questions

And will forever search for answers

The answers that even Google doesn’t know.

~ By Dr Sujata Chatterje


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My journey from a non-author to an author

Written By – Abhishek Goswami (Author of “The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems” )

It was always my dream to become a published author. Right from childhood, I always liked reading books across genres like Adventures, thrillers, mysteries, historical, science fictions etc. Gradually, I got interested in writing stuff like short stories etc. Me and one of my friends decided to write a novel one day. We developed the synopsis, the plot and even wrote a few pages. But then, as life is, we were slowly drawn away by our daily life routines, office jobs, family life etc. So, the novel remained unfinished and my writing process also stopped. All these years, the desire to write something worthwhile and reaching out to the wider world with it remained burning inside, but I did very little to fulfill it. I thought with ever increasing responsibilities in life, I will never be able to do it and so did not even try doing anything about it. I also realized that writing a full-length novel is indeed a very compelling task, in terms of dedication, time, mental energy involved and it requires a lot of patience to plan the whole thing out as well. Maybe I lacked the patience and determination to carry out this task. I did use to write short poems to popularize a few office fun activities like the cricket tournaments and wrote a few blogs as well about our offsite trips as well. However, something was still missing and I was not getting fully motivated to write further.

During one of the office events in 2016, I witnessed some wonderful stuff displayed as exhibits like paintings and photography done by some of our colleagues. I felt that I also can do what I want to do and felt encouraged and motivated. I made up my mind to capture some of the experiences I had in life in the form of short poems. I made a separate Facebook page dedicated to my poems which got good reviews and I felt confident enough to think and planned to write more stuff.


My first book, a collection of poems, “The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems” was published in Nov’2017 and covers various topics like Life, Spirituality, Nature, Humor, Mystery, Science, Lives of famous personalities and even science fiction. This book has 35 poems in it and can be enjoyed by all age groups.


It has got very good response in the World book fair, Chennai book fair and Agra book fair this year. It is available in various book stores in Mumbai and pretty soon will be available in cities like Greater Noida, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Secunderabad.

Also available online through Amazon, Flipkart, Notion Press and as an e-book in Kindle and Google Play. Visit my site for more details.


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उम्मीदों का सूरज

कहीं तो निकलेगा उम्मीदों का सूरज,
कभी तो होगी खुशी की सुबह।
चल रहा हूँ एक राह पकड़ कर,
समय,वजह ना मंज़िल की खबर।।
हर सुबह निकलेगा कारवां,
हर सुबह ढूंढेगे नया ठिकाना।
रुखसत लेकर पुरानी मंज़िल से,
पूछता हूँ मैं अपने दिल से।।
ना जाने कितनी दूर और चलेंगे,
ना जाने कितने दिन और ढलेंगे।
फिर आती है दिल से ही आवाज़,
फिर से छिड़ जाता है वही साज़।।
कहीं तो निकलेगा उम्मीदों का सूरज,
कभी तो होगी खुशी की सुबह।।
                                -अक्स  (Anuj Sharma)
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ऐसा तो बस माँ ही हो सकती है।

सृष्टि की जननी है वो, वो प्रकृति का सौंदर्य है
वह ब्रह्मा का स्वरुप है, वो विष्णु का गर्व है
सरस्वती का रूप है तो दुर्गा का भी शौर्य है
तू आदि है, तू अंत है, तू सृष्टि का ऐश्वर्य है।

माँ प्रेम है, माँ चैन है, माँ प्रेम का प्रतीक है
माँ चाह है, माँ राह है, माँ लोरी का संगीत है
माँ स्नेह है, वात्सल्य है, माँ हर हार मे भी जीत है
माँ माँ माँ तू सर्वस्व है मेरा तू आत्मा का गीत है।

तू जननी है तू सबला है, तू संजीवनी है
तू पिता का संबल, तू शिशु का आसमान है,
तू पत्नी है, तू बहू है, तू ही परिवार की धूरी है
जीवन के हर रूप को महकाए वो कस्तुरी है।

कुछ भी कहूँ तेरे लिए कम ही जान पड़ता है
ऐ माँ तुझसे ही दुनिया जहान लगता है।
ठोकर खा के भी जो प्रेम दे जीवन दे
ऐसा चरित्र तो बस माँ का ही हो सकता है।

                                         ~ साहिल


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