Book Review – A Friend Like Karna

Title: A Friend Like Karna

Author: Madhav Thapar

Pages: 182

Published in :2017

Publisher: Notion Press

Inspired by the heroic and legendary Karna, this book is a contemporary dramatic novel set against the backdrop of modern Corporate India. Thrills, suspense and a tender underlying love story ensure that the book moves at a very fast pace and keeps the reader engaged right until the unpredictable end.

The characterization is sharp and vivid with each actor playing a significant role in the evolution of the story. You will recognize many of the locales, names and references to the glamour word, and on the dark side, the Mafia, which ensures that the reader establishes an immediate connect with the plot. An important aspect is that even though it is an action filled book with a strong alpha male at the center of the plot, the female characters emerge as equally strong and admirable and are extremely important to the story.

The narrative itself is in a unique mix of first person and third person story-telling and shifts effortlessly across locations and time lines. Each sub plot of significance is brought to a logical conclusion and is cleverly inter weaved to be a part of the main story line.

Some of my favorite lines from the book which create enough curiosity and suspense are:

“Two wise men, one common problem, different conclusions. As the two stalwarts procrastinate, the wheels of fate continue to spin on relentlessly….”

“Crime only pauses, it never ceases”

“A few hours later a call is placed to Karachi on a burner phone. The recipient: one of the most wanted men in the world, but also someone who does not officially exist in the country he lives in.”

It is a book best read in one sitting and indeed it is hard to put down. As it progresses from scene to scene, frame by frame, there is always the burning question in the readers mind:  “So, what will happen next?”

The Prologue and Epilogue are the two bookends of the entire narration, with the conclusion of the theme coming in the very last lines.

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Author Interview – Shuchi

Shuchi is an Author of debut book Quest for Paradise. It was pleasure interacting with her

Q 1:  Hello Shuchi. Your background is in the engineering field. Can you please tell us how you came about to write your first novel titled Quest for Paradise?

Shuchi : Hi Subrat. I’m an IT professional, working for a year now. But English literature has always been my first love, which sprouted from the first novel that I read when I was in the sixth grade, ‘And Quiet Flows the Dawn’ by Mikhail Sholokhov. Since then I’ve read many novels, and have written many poems. Regarding Quest for Paradise, the idea of writing a story about a girl aspiring to be a tattoo artist struck me, and I went ahead with the flow, telling the story of achieving the unbelievable in the extraordinary of circumstances. Before Quest for Paradise got completed and published, I was in the process of writing an adventure suspense thriller, which is still in the pipeline to be completed.

Q 2:     Please tell us something about your journey as a simple girl from a small town, Ranchi to an engineer, working in a reputed IT firm of Bangalore, and now, an author. Would you like to share with us a source of inspiration?

Shuchi : Yes, I was, and still am a simple girl from a small town, and proud of my roots. The simplicity and flavour of the small town laid-back life, if infused in a person at a tender age, becomes one of the greatest gifts of life fathomable. But don’t let this deceive you that I didn’t have a fair share of adventures in my childhood! However, when it was over, I went through that clichéd phase of ‘engineering’, and then landed in an IT firm, and again, like another cliché, my heart lied somewhere else. I’m an engineer by profession, but a writer by heart!

Talking about the source of inspiration, I don’t have one as such, but I would like to mention a person whom I admire immensely. Elon Musk. Not because of Tesla. Not because of SpaceX. But because of that rare state of mind that he has, which is almost impossible for almost everyone to have. That is, huge monetary, or life failures do not bother him, as much as a failure to do something challenging, worthwhile, and exciting. “Life can’t be just about solving everyday problems, there’s got to be things that inspire and make life worth living.”

He views not doing something impactful as a much bigger risk than financial or social failure. It’s the vice versa for the general human.

Q 3:  Please tell us something about Quest for Paradise. How can we relate the character of Ishanafrom Quest for Paradise with you?

Shuchi : Well, one thing that the readers perceive is that Ishana is me, and her story is mine. Sorry to disappoint, but that’s not the case! I wish I were fortunate enough to face the kind of challenges that Ishana goes through, and achieve the kind of milestones that she is able to achieve in the story, though!

We all have some passion or the other firing up inside us. The point is, do we fire it more, and strive to achieve something in which our heart lies, or just go on with our daily lives, not aspiring for more at all?

Q 4:  Are you happy with the response to your book? How are you trying to promote your book to reach the target audience?

Shuchi : The readers love it. The response has been amazing till now, and it’s pretty heartening. Some amazing bloggers have also shared positive reviews of the book. I’m promoting the book by sharing it’s reviews and my book launch events on the social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to reach the target audience – the youth.

Q 5:     How was your experience in the World Book Fair, Delhi and other events? Are you planning any book launch events in recent times?

Shuchi : The book was among the bestsellers in the niche English fiction romantic genre at the World Book Fair, Delhi. After that Quest for Paradise was also selected to feature at the Allahabad Book Fair, where the books were sold out, and the subsequent interested buyers had to be given my social contact details to buy my books. It gave a beautifully ecstatic feeling, which I had never experienced before!

The book was also featured at the World Book Fair, Agra, organized by the National Book Trust, NBT, where over 60% of the books were sold out.

I’ve two book launch events scheduled in the near future, one is at the Atta Galatta, Bangalore, and the second would be held on 14th April, 2018 at the Hotel Safari in Jaipur. Bangaloreans, and Jaipurites, gear up and come!

Q 6:  Are you working on your next book? What can we expect from your next book?

Shuchi : Yes, I am. The next book is a fiction romantic thriller, where the boy belongs to the Karnataka Royal family. The thrill sparks from Bangalore, to Maddur, all the way to Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh! Let’s see how Jeevisha, the broadcast journalist who is the protagonist’s obsession, survives this storm!

Q 7: How did you get a chance to be published? How was your experience with the publisher?

Shuchi : Well, just like the first stage of struggle that every aspiring author goes through, I faced many rejections. Some publishers outright rejected the manuscript, and some were kind enough to respond with some encouraging words, to work better the next time! I didn’t let my morale sag for long, and kept on trying, as I believed in my story and it’s worth, until finally, one publisher was interested to go ahead with it. That day was another one of those days when you get that rare ecstatic feeling!

The publisher was very supportive from the beginning to the end, helping and guiding me through the process, with patience. From the ragged manuscript in my hands-on day one, to a finished beautiful book with crisp and fresh inked pages inside at the end of the subsequent 4 months, it has been an amazing journey in itself.

Q 8:  Can you please share your editing experience about your published book? Did you use any editing tools or took any help from Literary Agent? How important is that?

Shuchi : The edits were done by me, and then the publisher. They were patient enough to incorporate some later changes in the text, and the images that I wanted to be done.

I provide editing services to authors independently too, using Scrivener and MS Word.

Well, you ask, how important is editing? If writing is forging the sword, then editing is sharpening it, using the whetstone of editing tools. Even the swords of finest make, are useless, if they are not sharpened.

Q 9:  How did you react when you saw the first copy of your debut book Quest for Paradise which is already a sensation among readers?

Shuchi : Can blood, sweat and tears make something solid, something tangible? If you say no, then you can’t be more wrong. When I saw my first copy in my hands, what I saw wasn’t a book, but something beautiful churned out by an amalgam of these three.

Q 10: Could you please share a few tips for writers who would like to get their first book published?

Shuchi : I just believe in one tip for writing. As the legend Stephen King says, ‘write.’ That’s more than enough. There are many aspiring authors, who haven’t been able to complete a book and publish yet, despite a beautiful story in them, just because they are stuck with the ‘problems’ like, ‘I can’t continue after 3 pages’, ‘I’m blank’, ‘when I sit to write, the mind goes numb, and the hand freezes’, ‘I don’t get the time’, and so on.

Just. Write. You feel that you’re writing rubbish? Write. You are thinking of what people would say about your work? Write. You think you’re not ‘worthy’ enough to write? Write.

One always finds the time to dedicate to one’s passion, no matter how hectic their schedule is. Are you really passionate about writing? If yes, then you’ll get the time.

Q 11: Would you like to share any specific pattern or style of writing with our readers?

Shuchi : It all begins with an idea, a theme. Surprisingly, the ideas always strike when our minds are in a relaxed state, and free to wander anywhere. They don’t come to us when we try very hard to think of an idea. It doesn’t work like that.

After this stage, comes the execution, i.e., the craft of it. I think of a character, and an event from where I think it would be good to begin the story. It acts as a bay for the ocean of the rest of the story to follow.

If you ask me the evergreen fundamental question, if I’m a plotter or a pantser? I would consider myself to be a pantser, with a hazy overall plot on my mind, going with the flow of the story, when the story begins to breathe a life of it’s own, and takes me to another journey crafted by it.

Q 12: Who is/are your favorite author(s)? What do you like about their work?

Shuchi : My favourite authors are George R.R. Martin, Dan Brown, and Stephen King.

If I begin to say that what I love about these legends, then we would need to camp for the night too, haha!

Who would have imagined to concoct a parallel of the real historical War of the Roses in such a way, that it becomes a breathtaking fantasy of the human race, fighting with each other for the one ultimate throne, in a world of magic where exist an army of zombies, headed by clever kings; the mysterious lands of Asshai, living magical dragons breathing fire, and practices of bringing the dead to life? George R.R. Martin is a magician.

It was because of Dan Brown, that I became hugely interested in symbols, both ancient and modern, and the importance of them in our lives. With his books, the world seemed like a big treasure hunt to dive into. Solving puzzles and mysteries went to a whole new level with his books like ‘The Digital Fortress’, and ‘The Inferno’.

It was because of Stephen King’s ‘It’, that the funny and jovial clowns came to be viewed as a source of horror and nightmares! Hotels came into a new light of dreadful omens, after his classic ‘The Shining’.

Their creations are unparalleled.

Q 13: How is your average day as Shuchi? Have you experienced a situation where people have identified you in a public place? Please share those moments.

Shuchi : My average day goes in writing short pieces, my next novel, and editing works of clients, marked in between by book launch events and bookstore signings.

There were a couple of moments, which felt warm and beautiful. Once, I was recognised by a group of young college students, who had read my book reviews on a blog, and they clicked a selfie. There was another time, when a young girl came to where I was dining at a restaurant to have a copy of Quest for Paradise signed, which she had with her in her bag.

Q 14: Have you done any course in writing? Or any course in editing?

Shuchi : I haven’t done any course in writing, or in editing. The formation and play of words come kind of inherently. I’ve edited seven novels for various clients.

Q 15: If your readers want to connect with you, how can they do that? Tell readers about your social platforms to connect. If you have any blog/website/social media accounts, please tell.

Shuchi : They can easily connect with me on the various social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Or drop a mail!

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Book Review – Quest for Paradise

Title: Quest for Paradise

Author: Shuchi

Pages: 114

Published in :2017

Publisher: Notion Press

The name of first chapter ‘Of Dragons and Avatars’, itself got me hooked, and when I continued to read, the story felt even more interesting. From tattooing Avatar movie’s flying dragons, to hustling in Mumbai’s packed local trains, Ishana is your girl-next-door trying to achieve something extraordinary in ordinary circumstances. But as we all know, challenges are bound to creep up. Her parents are against her dream on the pretext of societal norms, as she is ‘meant’ to be married off. On the other hand, she finds that Vaishakh, her customer just wants to tattoo a mere ‘dot’ on himself. Strange? Well, I didn’t expect the plot to become still stranger as it thickened. With each subsequent chapter, I found myself more and more hooked, curious as to what would happen next! Then there comes a twist, which no reader would even think of happening.

The story is hugely gripping, narration is smooth, and the characters have been developed pretty well. Some parts of the story felt a little long, and a couple of scenes felt dragged up, but they don’t wither your drive much to continue reading on and on.

“This is what we are; we are all insignificant, no matter how important we feel to others around us. Why do we keep wasting our life on things, which don’t give significance to our insignificant lives? This giant universe will go on, with or without you, an insignificant speck in it. It’s up to you to decide how you live the life that you’ve been given, and how to make it more significant.” With this enthralling quote by Vaishakh in the book, I highly recommend all of you fiction readers out there, and book a roller coaster joy ride for yourselves, spotted with tidbits which would make you question the person you see in the mirror.

Quest for Paradise is for anyone, and everyone who is young by age, and young by heart, and who wants to explore beyond, and go the extra mile, as it is rightly said ‘it’s never crowded.’

You can grab a copy of “Quest for Paradise” at Amazon: Click here and at Flipkart at Click here

Book Review – Phases of Moon

Title: Phases of Moon
Poet: Neha Jindal
Pages: 54
Published in: 2017
Publisher: Notion Press

Phases of Moon- A poetic journey of a girl, is a debut book of the author, Neha Jindal. The book is a collection of twenty poems that beautifully describes the journey of a girl. It is a short yet engaging work by the author. The poems are written in a rhythmic pattern giving an emotional flow.

Author has been able to cover divergent phases of a girl’s life, starting from teenage to womanhood. She has been able to clearly bring out the essence of the title of the book, “Phases of Moon”. As the moon changes and grows through distinct phases, in the same way a girl’s life goes through different transitions.

The book is divided into three sections:

  • Teenage Shower – It will make you dive into your teens filled with silly infatuations and seasons of love.
  • Tied the Knot – This section shares beautiful poems about the marital phase of a girl’s life.
  • Emotions Unleashed – I found poetry in this section interesting as it covers some symbolic poems and other avenues of life.

I would like to share excerpts from some of the poems that appealed to me a lot.

From one of my favourite poem, Teenage, that felt like my emotions were re-written,

“We want someone, with whom we can chat for a while,
If not so, at least a person with whom we can exchange a smile.
At night the cosy bed has began to create fears,
As we need someone to smile for and in his love to shed tears.”

Another poem that touched my heart is Small saint, which is a symbolic poetry and portrays heart as a small saint. I loved how the poetess beautifully describes the attributes of a heart. Sharing some lines from the same:

“This little saint is calm and serene,
But when it goes mean, it creates an awful scene.
The hut destroyed and the garden ruined,
Both by the destiny are twined.
All the servants who used to bow, lose their worth,
Ready to be buried, in the earth.”


I would recommend this book to all the poetry lovers. The best part of this book is its written in simple English and is very relatable to our life. If you are looking for a refreshing poetical read do check it out at Amazon at the link given below.

Amazon – Click here

Book Review – Lantern

Title: Lantern
Poet: Sprith Shrivastava & Shashikant Singh
Pages: 126
Publishedin: 2017
Publisher: Notion Press

Lantern is accumulation of poetries with some short stories. It contains 44 poems and 5 stories. The book can be read altogether in about two to three hours! The book is simple and crisp. The stories are of fictional nature, with twist and turns here and there. ‘The Mind Traveller’ is story of a scientist with an ironical ending. ‘Aurum’ on the other hand is a story of pirates and their dilemmas. The authors have really pulled out the story quite well especially with respect to the accent and dialect of the pirates. The story is engaging and well narrated. On the other hand, ‘The Master of Time’, a science fiction story, of how a boy turns a boring day into an adventure by eliminating a probable terrorist attack. There is also a spine-chilling horror story to keeps the reader engaged till the end!

Apart from the stories, the authors have put up a great content of thoughtful yet amazing poetries.

The poems are centered on myriad subjects such rains, street lights, love, thoughts etc. For e.g. in the poem, ‘The Shepherd’ the authors have beautifully compared one’s thoughts and one’s self to the sheep and the shepherd. In the poem, ‘Fallen Leaves of Autumn’, the authors share one side of love and have put it out with beautiful rhythms. ‘The Sweet Family and Me the Culprit’ portrays the life of mother hen and its tragic story. It very carefully sheds light on the very tragic and sorry life story of chickens and their death one by one; and how we as humans are culprit in it. Truly an amazing creation. We all do sins and we know it. ‘The Werewolf’ captures the same and shows how one fights and tries to keep himself away and yet cannot restrain himself and gives up before his sins.

Apart from the above, the book has many good write-ups to offer. It is worth a one-time read and a book to keep and refer to.

The book is engaging and has refreshing content. Some of my best excerpts from the book:

“… we don’t pillage! We trade with principles and rules … good man, ye be… All of you… British merchants trading in India … Ye be quite rich and well to do…”
“… if destiny has other plans and I don’t return … Then perchance this letter would be my last…”
“… some are silent
some are weak
some are tender
some are sleek…”
“… standing around the mountains,
I look down on the sunny days,
I couldn’t find you, amongst the crowd…
Against the sun, to find me, do you look up and gaze?”
“…I yelled on my fate…
For what I had this date…
I found myself as the culprit…
For I had seen the whole lovely, innocent family Converted in to spirit…”
“… the agony is unbearable,
And he tries to break the shackles…
For every second seems an eternity,
The affliction that needs to be tackled…”

The book is a must read. Won’t take much time and will be a worthwhile. A recommend. Kudos to the writers… Job well done!

Amazon Link –  Click here

Book Review – The Lonely Drummer and other poems

Title: The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems
Poet: Abhishek Goswami
Pages: 74
Published in: 2017
Publisher: Notion Press

There are 35 poems in this debut book by poet Abhishek Goswami who has decided not to make it a monotonous affair by writing poems on vivid themes and issues. Poems in his book is on life, happiness, sorrows, joy, pleasure, pain and other abstract ideas including some of the verse-tales, as critics have called it.

The very first poem in the book, which follows the signature title as well, begins with a note of gloom and we get to know that the lonely drummer has been ‘left alone’. During my reading session, when I read it further I realized that many interesting poems which were not only interesting in the terms of content but also quite relative to our day to day life and nature. At the end of the book, you will see a very long poem divided in parts – “The Blue Book” which is a very interesting story told in verse and I liked it. You will surely love this concept.

My personal experience with the book has been great because I got a meaningful collection of English poems to read. The collection of poems in the book varies from pessimism to optimism – the bright and the dark – the good and the bad and this journey was wonderful.

“When happy while doing something,
That’s the mantra which success bring.
Marching ahead with vigor new,
Joys surround us, sadness bid adieu.”

With this book, one thing that readers will like in his collection of poetry is that he keeps it simple and hence, it helps to connect the readers easily you can relate.

The journey that Abhishek has talked about in his book or he has started with his debut book will see him going a good distance. His poems are worthy to be praised and reflect the modern dilemmas and inquisitiveness in the mind of people.

These poems by the debut poet Abhishek Goswami have been wonderful to read and interesting to be enjoyed. He meets the expectations that you might have from a debut book in poetry! You can get his collection from the below Amazon India link and see which poems connect with you and in what manners… This book is also available in Kindle version.

Amazon Link – Click here

Author Interview – Neha Jindal

Neha Jindal is an author of debut book “Phases of Moon”. It was pleasure interacting with her.

Q 1 – Hello Neha, Thanks for giving time from your busy schedule. Tell us something about your background.

[Neha] : It’s my pleasure to interact with you. I hail from the land of Virangana Rani Laxmi Bai, Jhansi. I have completed my basic education from RLPS, Jhansi, that has laid the stones of courage and self-confidence in me. I am Commerce graduate from Barkatullah University, Bhopal and also a semi-qualified Chartered Accountant.

I have 10 years of corporate experience in the finance and accounts. I left my corporate job in 2015 and now I am a full time author and mother of 5 years old twins.

Q 2 – Please tell us something about your journey as a writer. Would you like to share us a source of inspiration?

[Neha] : I started writing poetry from my teenage years, had a big gap of 15years before I resumed my passion. My inspiration for writing poetry comes from my schooling days. I would thank my school English mentor, Mrs Sangeeta Suri, whose teaching style of poetry made me inclined towards English poetry. My father has also been into writing Hindi poetry and that gives me an inherited love for poetry.

Q 3 – Please tell us something about Phases of Moon”.

[Neha] : My book “Phases of Moon”, is a collection of beautiful poems that reflects emotions of a girl from teenage to adulthood. It is an outpour of small feelings that we experience in our lifetime; feelings of love, infatuation, view about life, marriage, motherhood and many more. I would say it’s a complete package emotion.

Q 4 – Are you happy with the response on your book? How are you trying to connect to your readers?

[Neha] : Yes, I am very happy to see the response for my book. During last few months I have been able to reach a respectable number of genuine readers for my book and its growing every day.

With respect to increasing the reader base, I have been promoting my book on various social media platforms i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp groups. In addition to that I am also trying to connect with people with the help of Poetry events organised in the city. So basically a blend of online and offline means.

Q 5 – How Long does it take you to write this book?

[Neha] : My book “Phases of Moon” is conceived over a long period of time. As I mentioned before I started writing poetry during my teens, so you can say it’s a result of my work over a period of 15 good years.

Q 6 – How was your experience in World Book Fair in Delhi and Chennai?

[Neha] : Amazing is how I would define it. Being at World Book Fair in Delhi gave me an opportunity to meet so many new authors with different genres of writing. Was able to learn how readers see your work and what they look for in a particular genre of writing.

This was the first opportunity for me to make offline sales and helped me to interact with the readers face to face. Overall it was a great experience.

Q 7 – How did you get a chance to published?

[Neha] : I would not call it a chance but would rather say that I encashed the opportunity at the right time. I was in the process of compiling my poetry work and was searching for the publisher. I came across my publisher’s site and found the same to be convincing place to put my trust in. I sent my sample work for the publisher’s approval which turned out to be positive and resulted into a beautiful book.

Q 8 – Can you please share your editing experience about your published book?

[Neha] :  I did not opt for any editing services with the publisher in particular. I went for self editing of the book, deciding about the paragraphing and second review as it’s a poetry collection. In poetry if you don’t punctuate the text well, the essence that you want to convey to the readers gets lost. So, I personally feel, self editing is best for poetry.

Q 9 – How did you react when you saw the first copy of your debut book “Phases of Moon” which is creating a buzz in the market?

[Neha] : It was a pretty heart-warming moment for me when I saw the first copy of my book. I was waiting so much for my collection to come out in the market and when I saw my book for the first time, it was like a dream come true.

Q 10 – What can we expect from your next book? Are you going to focus only on English Poetry?

[Neha] : My next ventures would give my readers a taste of diversified genres, as well as language. My upcoming book would be an engrossing collection of Hindi poetry co-authored by my father, Shri Surendra K. Gupta and the other would be a non-fiction work of words in English language.

Q 11 – Would you like to share any specific pattern or style of writing with our readers?

[Neha] : I have been more into a rhythmic style of writing where the consecutive lines sound coherent to each other giving your words a flow. Recently I am diversifying my style of writing poetry into non-rhythmic one. My recent poem “Smile in the womb” is one of this type, not a part of my book “Phases of Moon”. You can check it out on my blog

Q 12 – Who is you favorite authors? What do you like about his/her work?

[Neha] : I haven’t got a chance to read a series of books by any particular author as of now, more in a habit to pick different authors every time.

Q 13 – What do you do in your leisure time? What does yours prefer timing to write?

[Neha] : For a mom of twins having leisure time is a luxury :-0. Jokes apart, whenever I get some spare time, I devote it to writing and music. Words and rhythm is soul reliever for me.

Q 14 – Have you done any course for writing?

[Neha] : I haven’t done any course for writing. I am really thankful to my education that laid the platform for me to express myself freely.

Q 15 – What advice you want to give to aspiring authors? If your readers want to connect with you, how can they do that? Tell readers about your socials to connect. If you have any blog/website, please tell.

[Neha] : For all the aspiring authors, I would like to suggest please do work on your reader base for sure before you bring out your work in print. Also I would like to say that to be a good author you need to be a good reader. Read a lot that will help you to portray your work in a much better way.

You can reach me at:

Mail –

Facebook :

Twitter : @Nehajinauthor

Instagram : neha.nids

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Author Interview – Sprith Shrivastava & Shashikant Singh

Sprith Shrivastava and Shashikant Singh are the co-author of book “Lantern”. 

Q 1 – Hello Sprith and Shashi, Glad to have you for discussion. Please tell us something about yourself.

[Sprith]: The pleasure is all mine! I am from Mumbai, where I have done my education and graduated in electronics and telecom engineering. I have worked as a telecom engineer for two years and now I am currently into content writing and aspiring for post-graduation in business management.

[Shashi]: Thank you. I too am engineering graduate. Coincidentally, we both are from the same college. I have stayed in most of India, all thanks to my military background. I have been writing since school days and have lost many compositions since then ;). The ones that are with me have been published in this book. I am shy at the same time a lazy person. For me it takes a lot to do or initiate something, let alone finishing it… 😊I like travelling and photography, apart from creating my own compositions or write-ups. Presently, I am working for a bank.

Q 2 -Congratulation, that your book “Lantern” was placed in World Book Fair of Delhi and Chennai

[S&S]: Yes, it was an exhilarating experience. World Book Fair, as the name suggests, is the largest fair that attracts a lot of book enthusiasts from all over the world. So, having our book share space with some of the renowned authors was in fact a privilege. We also got in touch with other authors and took a few tips from them. It was enriching there.

Q 3 -Why did you choose a name “Lantern” is it about a dark poetry or short stories?

[S&S]: As the tagline of the book suggests, ‘One day is enough to turn the world upside down.’ The protagonists in the stories come across moments that change the course of their lives. The poems are related with all the facets of life, and cover the entire spectrum of human emotions and experiences. The readers will get a lot of insight on the same about the unpredictability of life’s circumstances, to illuminate the readers. We have tried to cover and encircle every aspect of life, and that’s why “Lantern”.

Q 4 – Please tell us something about your journey as a writer. Please tell us something about your book “Lantern”

[Sprith]: I started writing since engineering college. However, it was mostly dormant during that time. It was only while working that I started writing again full-fledged and began developing plots for short stories and writing poems based on almost anything that I would come across. Finally after a year of scribbling, we finally had ‘Lantern’ ready! It consists of 5 fictional short stories related to sci-fi, time machine, drama, horror and poems cover a gamut of subjects.

[Shashi]: Adding to the first question of yours. I think a lot… Framing lines, rhymes, thinking of subjects to write on. At times I think in rhymes… create a stanza on the go… if not lost to my laziness, would mostly convert in to poems. As of now, I have not written any story or big write-up (yes, of course, my lethargy! ;)). I attribute my writing to my schooling and the teachers I have been with. I can actually name specifically three teachers (Mrs. Anitha, Mr. Arjun, and Mr. Vijay) who encouraged and appreciated me during my school days to write poems. If you allow me a minute, here is a small anecdote from my life, as to how I came to writing:

“In the year 2001, while I was in the eighth grade, on a Friday afternoon, my English teacher caught me looking out of the window. The Nature was gearing up for a heavy shower. Pulling my attention towards the class, she grinned, “how about Shashi bringing a new poem on Monday describing the rains outside.” However, I could not achieve writing a poem then and for my good, nobody had remembered the declaration of the teacher by Monday! But, I always had that I write one.

Recently, I have found Mrs. Anitha, the English teacher, on Facebook, but my request is still awaiting an acceptance or a refusal. Oh, God! Sometimes life is so beautiful. That’s it. Interestingly, you can also find answers in the poem ‘What is to be a Poet?’ included in this book…!

About the book: The book is actually serendipity. To be frank to you, we both didn’t know each other during the college days. It was years later that we both met in an M. Tech Competitive exam class where we discovered that we were from the same college and became friends. While in the classes we shared our compositions, however, we had not thought of a book then… it was just sort of a liking (hobby). Later, the classes were over in 2014 and we went our ways. However, two years later, in 2016, we jokingly talked about putting up a book… and now it’s here! Sometimes, sayings turn out to be true.

Our book is collection of poems and stories, for people of every age! Parents and teachers can read out or gift to their wards, for recreational reading.

Q 5 -Would you like to share the experience of being two people an author of single book? How does it help you?

[S&S]: Having two authors proved helpful for us in a number of ways. In fact, we share quite a history, we met in a coaching class and it turned out that we were from the same college! We interacted and found that we both had a knack for writing. Years later, we independently had a thought of publishing book, but neither of us really felt much serious about it. It was only when we discussed with each other that we thought of taking our writing to the next level. So, we got that push from each other to collaborate and write a book. We then met and talked about ideas for stories and poems, which helped a lot while writing. Indeed, having a co-author helps bring out the best out of each other!

Q 6 -What kind of readers should read your book? What are your target readers?

[S&S]: Actually, anyone! Anyone who knows how to read should read it. There is something in it for every reader. Poets and people who love poetry will of course like it. Apart from the stories, this book is work of thoughts in the form of poems which encompass reality, feelings, emotions… So, people c’mon, grab a copy… you can always gift it to someone else!

Q 7 – How did you get an idea to publish English poetry along with short stories? How does it help you?

[S&S]: As authors, we wanted to expand our horizons to not only poetry, which was natural to us, but also to prose, which was much more challenging and required a lot of patience. ‘Lantern’ gives a lot of variety to the readers who love to read poems as well as fiction short stories with a twist!

Q 8 – Can you please share your editing and compiling experience about your published book? 

[S&S]: Once the manuscript was ready, it was time for editing and sorting all the poems of Shashi and myself in a pattern. At the same time, we had to intertwine the short-stories as well, which is equally spaced between each other. It took some time, but the end result was fantastic and Publisher was also quick to support and everything was done within few weeks.

Q 9 -What was your reaction when you saw the first copy of your debut book “Lantern” which was placed in World Book Fair.

[S&S]: It was amazing. Initially, the world book fair seemed very overwhelming because of the huge crowd and big halls. We found our way to the hall having Publisher podium and when we saw our book in the shelf, it was surreal! We often used to go to book-stores and find our books of great authors in the shelf, and now seeing our own book in the same light was a proud moment!

Q 10 -Are you both planning to publish your next book together? When can we expect that book?

[S&S]:  For now we are basking the moments of our current book. There is still a long way to go before we decide our next book. But, of course that will be one hell of an experience once again. There is a possibility!!

Q 11 -Would you like to share any specific pattern or style of writing with our readers?

[S&S]: For the short-stories, we wanted to keep a twist at the end and keep Easter eggs in all the stories to make it more interesting for the readers. The poems are written in a lucid way for anyone to understand, and give them a rich and a thought-provoking experience!

Q 12 -Who is your source of Inspiration?

[Sprith]: My source of inspiration has been the acclaimed lyricist and poet Gulzar. His keen observation skills, depth of writing on almost every emotion and circumstances makes him inspirational. It really helps to broaden a writer’s horizons when one reads his work.

[Shashi]: For me, actually, I have never thought it that way. It’s just been a quest to write and compose – put my thoughts out.

Q 13 -How do you write? Do you write together as a team? Or you follow any specific pattern?

[S&S]: We had our own distinct write-ups that we used to share with each other. However, there is one story named ‘The Master of Time’ that we have co-written together. So, basically Shashi wrote the entire plot, after which I added more fillers, sub-plots, twists and Easter eggs in it!

Q 14 -Can you please share some memorable experience while interacting with readers in book fair?

[S&S]: We visited the Delhi Book Fair on the very last day of the event. So, we had limited time, but the time spent there with all the readers was amazing, to talk to readers, understand their preferences and tell them about our book ‘Lantern’ was an unforgettable and enriching experience.

Q 15 -What advice you want to give to aspiring authors? If your readers want to connect with you, how can they do that? Tell readers about your socials to connect.

[S&S]: To all the aspiring authors, we would say to start writing straightaway, without waiting for the perfect plot, the perfect moment or weather! Just pick a topic or genre, start researching, introspect with your own experiences and give words to your expression, and surely you will have a great story to tell!

Readers may contact us at:

Twitter: @yesshashi; @sprithauthor




You can grab a copy of “Lantern” at Amazon –   Click here

Author Interview – Abhishek Goswami

Abhishek Goswami is an author of debut book “The Lonely Drummer and other poems“. It was nice interacting with him.

Q1 – Hello Abhishek, it’s nice to have a chance to interact with you. Please tell us something about yourself.

[Abhishek]: Thank you. I am born and brought up in New Delhi in a middle-class Bengali family.  I did my schooling from St. Francis De Sales School in Janakpuri, New Delhi and then did Bachelor in Science from Delhi University. I also completed my PGDBA in HR from Symbiosis, Pune. I am employed in different MNC firms in Delhi NCR for last 16 years and am currently working in Gurgaon. In my leisure time, I do love to read fiction books, especially mysteries and also watch movies.

Q2 – How was your experience as an Author in World Book Fair of Delhi and Chennai? How does it helped you to established as an author?

[Abhishek]: My experience in both the fairs was wonderful. It felt very nice when people showed interest in what I have written and were curious to know more about my book. Most of them wished me well for the future as well.

This experience helped me to understand the readers very close upfront and direct interactions with them has generated a lot of ideas and thoughts in me which I will surely leverage in my upcoming creations.

Q3 – I have read your poem which was recently published in a leading newspaper. How does it feel getting such recognition?

[Abhishek]:  It feels great when your efforts get rewarded and you get recognition. It serves as a great motivator for the future as well. When you realize that the thoughts and ideas which you grappled with in a corner of a room or while travelling and which you wrote sitting lonely in a room has finally reached thousands of people via a newspaper article, the feeling is both humbling and overwhelming.

Q4 – When did you write your first poem? Who inspired you to get it Published?

[Abhishek]: First poem, good question! Let me think, it might be for a School magazine where I was the chief editor, maybe 20 years back!

However, if you ask me about the 35 poems in this book, out of these, a handful were written around 15 years back which I then included in this collection. But the majority were written in 2016-17 only.

It was always my dream to write a book and get it published. Also, a few friends of mine have recently got their books published which has given me encouragement to go ahead and publish my own.

Q5 – Please tell us something about your journey as a writer. Please tell us something about your book “The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems”

[Abhishek]:  As I said earlier, it was always my dream to become a published author. Right from childhood, I always liked reading books across genres like Adventures, thrillers, mysteries, historical, science fictions etc. Gradually, I got interested in writing stuff like short stories etc. One day, many years back, Me and one of my friends decided to write a novel. We developed the synopsis, the main characters, the plot etc and even wrote a few pages. But then, as life is, we were slowly drawn away by our daily life routines, office jobs, family life etc. So, the novel remained unfinished and my writing process also stopped. All these years, the desire to write something worthwhile and reaching out to the wider world with it remained burning inside, but I did very little to fulfill it. I thought with ever increasing responsibilities in life, I will never be able to do it and so did not even try doing anything about it. I also realized that writing a full-length novel is indeed a very compelling task, in terms of dedication, time, mental energy involved and it requires a lot of patience to plan the whole thing out as well. Maybe I lacked the patience and determination to carry out this task. I did use to write short poems to popularize a few office fun activities like the cricket tournaments and wrote a few blogs as well about our offsite trips as well. However, something was still missing and I was not getting fully motivated to write further.

During one of the office events last year, I witnessed some wonderful stuff displayed as exhibits like paintings and photography done by some of our colleagues. I felt that I also can do what I want to do and felt encouraged and motivated. I made up my mind to capture some of the experiences I had in life in the form of short poems. I made a separate Facebook page dedicated to my poems and wrote several of them which got helpful reviews and I felt confident enough to think and plan and write more stuff.

This collection of poems in my book covers several topics like Life, Spirituality, Nature, Humor, Mystery, Science, Lives of famous personalities and even science fiction. This book is intended for all age groups and can be enjoyed by one and all.

We all are surrounded by natural objects like the Sun, moon, stars, clouds, trees, rivers etc and a few poems are dedicated towards these objects. Also, there is one poem in this collection titled “The Blue Book” which I have written in 5 parts as it is a suspense/mystery genre poem. In brief, as humans, we all have various emotions, feelings and interests, this collection of poems does reflect the true variety of all the things we are made of.

Q6 – Why did you choose a title “The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems”?

[Abhishek]: The Lonely Drummer is the title poem. It talks about the fate of a performing artist and the state of “Arts” in our modern world today.

There are 34 more poems in this collection which are of different flavor, tone and intensity.

This collection would take the reader through a gamut of human emotions and feelings and tickle the reader’s imagination and curiosity levels as well. If the “Lonely Drummer” talks about the fate of a performing artist, the “Memoir of a Currency Note” deals with a first-person account of a currency note’s life journey and how it is similar to humans as well. The “Blue Book” is a poem of the suspense/mystery genre and is sure to appeal to the curiosity level of the reader.

Q7 – How do you think a poetry can help to shape a society? In your view how does it create an impact?

[Abhishek]: Poetry by itself is a form of literary art, just like prose writing. Where it is different from prose is its ability to convey maximum thoughts and emotions in minimum words as possible.

Today we live in a world of supersonic pace and agility. We have achieved tremendous progress in almost all fields possible. Whereas we have gained in speed, we seemed to have lost in keeping our calm in different situations and be composed and retain our emotional depth. Here, I feel poetry plays a significant role in our lives. It shows us a clear picture of where we are and what we think currently in a short, sweet and subtle manner and encourages us to develop our latent emotional depth and sense the world once again, not in a hurry but in a calm and composed manner.

Q8 – How did you get a chance to published?

[Abhishek]:It was very tough to get any big publishers to even read my sample poems (Hazards of being a first-time author). Still I persisted and sent samples to around 12-13 different publishers, and with a little luck and help from one of my friends who has published one book, I could finally figure out the scheme of things and make my way forward. It was a very challenging and sometimes lonely and frustrating journey, but I kept my self-belief and went on.

Q9 – Can you please share your editing experience about your published book?

[Abhishek]:The editing experience has been good overall. The right suggestions from the experienced folks does help and it was a very smooth ride.

Q10 – What was your reaction when you saw the first copy of your debut book “The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems” which was placed in World Book Fair.

[Abhishek]: Wonderful. It was a dream come true for me!

Q11 – Are you working on your next book? What can we expect from your next book?

[Abhishek]: Yes, I am working on my next collection of poems and have already written a few of them.

The next book would also touch topics about Nature and lives of people around us. But it would be different in terms of scale and intensity, that is for sure.

Q12 – Would you like to share any specific pattern or style of writing with our readers?

[Abhishek]: So, I use all kinds or forms possible. Broadly, a poem can be either rhythmic or non-rhythmic. The non-rhythmic ones generally follow free verse and bit content heavy. So, I do not need to embellish it further with any special forms. In this book, you can find “Circles of Life”, “The Tenth One” to name a few on this pattern.

The rhythmic ones can be Alliterative (repetition of same sound in a line), Limerick (5 line in a stanza with a strict rhyme scheme – AABBA) etc. There are poems based on Alliteration (“Striking Storm”, “Butter Biscuit”), Limericks (“The Lonely Drummer”) in this book.

Connection with nature is one of the recurrent themes in this book which talks about our connection with nature (“The Floating Messenger”, “The Long Walk”). The younger readers can also expect to read and enjoy some lesser known facets about our solar system, scientific discoveries and history in a few other poems. (“Signs of Science”, “Original Nine”, “The Brightest Jewel”).

Q13 – Who is your favorite debut authors? What do you like about his/her work?

[Abhishek]: I do like the “Asura” by Anand Neelakantan and “The Emperor’s Riddles” by Satyarth Nayak. Both the books use historical and mythological references and offer a completely different take on what we know commonly with fresh perspectives on some very well-known characters.

A must-read for all fiction readers!

Q14 –How is your regular day as Abhishek Goswami? Have you experienced a situation where people have identified you in a public place? Please Share that experience.

[Abhishek]: I work for an MNC firm in Gurgaon and stay in Greater Noida (West). As such, the travel time is very high, thankfully I have got time flexibility and don’t need to travel to office every day. In between travels sometimes I get hold of an idea and quickly jot it down for later reference. And then write something out of it in my leisure time.

Still awaiting that moment when people recognize “The Lonely Drummer” in a public place!!

Q15 – What advice you want to give to aspiring authors? If your readers want to connect with you, how can they do that? Tell readers about your socials to connect.

[Abhishek]:Go all out to complete that book which you are planning for a long while.

Don’t get disappointed with delays as they are bound to happen. If you really plan and go for it, you can make it happen.

I am reachable at:





Best Wishes Abhishek. Hope, you achieve a great Success.

Grab a copy of “The Lonely Drummer and other Poems” from Amazon at Click here


किस बात का डर है तुम्हें,
ये कैसा ख़ौफ़ है?
एक बार सजदे में सिर तो झुकाओ,
दिल भी मिल जाएगा, दिल लगाने का दौड़ है।❤️


तुम इकरार तो करो इश्क़ की,
‪एक बात तो करो दिल की,
‪हम इतने भी कमज़ोर नहीं की,
‪दुनिया से लड़ न पाए।


‪फ़ासलो ने रिश्तों को कमज़ोर होने न दिया,
‪दिल है मिले हुए,तभी तो भीड़ में हमे खोने न दिया।
‪मुद्दत्तो बाद मिले है आज और आँखें है नम,
‪तुझसे मिलने की ख़ुशी है और बिछड़ने का भी है ग़म।


फ़ासले कभी ये कम हुए नहीं,
मुक़द्दर में कभी तुम हमे मिले नहीं।
कोसता हूँ हर पल उस विदाई के लम्हें को,
जब रोका था तुम्हें पर तुम रूके नहीं।


ज़िंदा तोवो भी है, जो साँस ले रहे है,
ज़ुल्म के आगे सिर झुकाना, जिंदगी तो नहीं ना।


माना की जीत आसान नहीं है,
पर हार कर बैठना तो कोई हल नहीं है।


सब सो रहे है रात की आग़ोश में,
‪कोई हमे भी गोद में पनाह दे दे,
‪कोई थामे हाथ ज़रा मेरा इत्मिनान से,
‪हम भी किसी पर फ़ना हो ले।


जी लेते हम भी तेरे याद के सहारे,
पर यादों के लिए एक मुलाक़ात ज़रूरी है।


हर रिश्ते का एक नाम हो ज़रूरी तो नहीं,
‪हर इश्क़ का हसीन अंजाम हो ज़रूरी तो नहीं,
‪कुछ रिश्ते होते है भूल जाने के लिए,
‪भूलना आसान हो ऐसी मजबूरी तो नहीं।


मैं ख़ुद को कभी अकेला महसूस नहीं करता,
जाने मैं क्यूँ ख़ुद से इतने सवाल करता हूँ?


शहर को जाने क्या हुआ है?
शोर क्यों इतना है?
कल तक गलियों में सन्नाटा था,
आज भीड़ क्यों इतना है?


आशिक हूँ, दिल की बात समझ आती है,
वरना दिमाग़ चलाना हमें भी आता है।
डरते है हसीनों की बेवफ़ाई से,
वरना दिल लगाना हमें भी आता है।


ये मुलाक़ात तस्वीरों में नहीं,
क़िस्सों में कैद होनी चाहिये।
ये शाम क़िस्सों में नहीं,
तस्वीरों में क़ैद होनी चाहिये।