Author Interview – Abhishek Goswami

Abhishek Goswami is an author of debut book “The Lonely Drummer and other poems“. It was nice interacting with him. Q1 – Hello Abhishek, it’s nice to have a chance to interact with you. Please tell us something about yourself. [Abhishek]: Thank you. I am born and brought up in New Delhi in a middle-class … Continue reading Author Interview – Abhishek Goswami

Book Review – The Lonely Drummer and other poems

Title: The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems Poet: Abhishek Goswami Pages: 74 Published in: 2017 Publisher: Notion Press There are 35 poems in this debut book by poet Abhishek Goswami who has decided not to make it a monotonous affair by writing poems on vivid themes and issues. Poems in his book is on life, … Continue reading Book Review – The Lonely Drummer and other poems