How to find time for passion

Not everyone is lucky to have the kind of career or profession that summarizes our passions, interests, personal spirit, and skill set all in one package—allowing us to exercise them simultaneously.

During the last few years, you may have met or interacted with people and realized that more and more people have been able to make a career out of their passions and interests. This move is impelled by a blend of availability through innovation and individuals being sufficiently valiant to pick individual bliss over what they believe they should do.

Find ways to bring passion along with whatever you do

If your passion is to travel but your work keeps you in a cubicle all day then you are surely doing something wrong. It is a high time you should look at it and make important changes in your daily routine and get into something which can help you keep travelling which in turn will keep you motivated and encouraged.

(a)  Think about it – It is very important to analyse and judge whatever you are doing. Is it worth it and keeps you motivated? If No, then it is a high time for you to think about it and find something which can replace whatever you are doing and it must be aligned to your hobbies and interests. Don’t hesitate to look for every possible and weird option and interest. Every person is unique and has his own area of interests.

(b)  Manage your time – You may believe that it takes a particular kind of individual to have the option to pull that off, yet in all actuality, everybody has a fair chance to put on the seemingly off chance of grabbing the opportunity of doing it.

Time management is your best buddy when it comes to keeping the energy levels high and pursuing your passion. Pause for a minute to evaluate how long it takes you to carry out every responsibility during the day. Give it a thought, be honest and think wisely. For a few days observe your routine starting from leaving your bed in the morning and hitting it again at night, record time for every activity for an extensive view.

(c)    Make a To Do List – A to-do list is most important and really effective for making sure you make time for your passions and hobbies. There’s a clashing assessment about this, with certain camps thinking plans for the day upset being “at the time,” yet for me having a daily agenda—that is adaptable and alterable—keeps me on task and zeroed in on accomplishing my objectives. I am never without a scratch pad or notebook or my dairy. This is the most important part of finding time for your passion. Also prioritize your work so that you don’t miss out on important agendas for the day.

(d)   Dedicate time to your passion – If we pay enough attention to our gut feeling and listen to our inner thought process, we can hear it speaking loud and clear. However, passionate chases take time to develop and build within you, Don’t push yourself much up for this just for the sake; instead, focus on pursuing the passion that is truly yours. It’s completely true that, in the event that you tune in for it, it will speak; and in the event that you support that energy and passion, it will develop.    


Subrat Saurabh

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