Silence is the most dominant shout

I am not a great listener and probably, that is the reason I am the best person to write about the power of silence. Silence can sometimes be considered as an inability to speak, a sign of weakness. However, silence doesn’t have to mean that effective communication is not taking place. In fact, silence can be a powerful negotiation tool. Knowing when to stop talking and listen is just as important as knowing what to say. This comes more naturally to some of us than to others but it’s a skill that can be worked upon and sharpened.

While in conversation allowing your counterpart to do the active talking and listening, you will end up gaining their trust and confidence in you. Your silence may even encourage the other side to reveal more than they intended. The value of quietness is significantly belittled in current society. In addition to the fact that we can’t really cherish silence, we likewise give our absolute best to keep away from it.

  • The extraordinary instructor inside.

Silence is not our enemy. It helps us to become more relaxed as you don’t have to filter and process unlimited information. The ground-breaking impact of quietness can assist us with better understanding what the instructor inside us needs to say. The only thing that is in any way important is that quietness gets us closer with a critical wellspring of clearness and peacefulness.

  • Better Concentration.

Silence can assist us with calming down and to enter a condition of mental clearness. An impressive reaction to this expanded clearness lies in huge enhancements of your concentration. In turn, your capacity to concentrate on a given assignment will increase massively. Because of expanded concentration levels, you will end up being significantly progressively beneficial at all that you do.

  • Least bothered about insignificant things in life.

Most of us are surrounded by ‘n’ number of unimportant engagements in our life. These unimportant things are insignificant.However, many of us place great emphasis upon them. We are not clear with our priorities, so we fall prey to worrying about things that are least important. Instead of being irritated or offended by minor occurrences, silence can give you the necessary mental strength to treat these things as they are.

  • Silence allows better delivery and understanding.

Silence in the form of appropriate pauses, allows your audience to absorb information. An audience responds in real time and hence, you should give a pause whenever you say something important in your conversation. It helps them to absorb and retain. A concise silence enables your audience to ponder over your basic message in their brains and thus helps to connect better.

  • Unpredictable when you speak less.

The more you talk, the more your words and information can be utilised against you later on. Talking less will influence other individuals to

reveal increasingly about themselves. When you listen, you find out more and you can utilize that information later. The less you say, more significant and baffling you show up. By saying less and to the point you create an impression of meaning and power.

Leaders are often judged by what they say or do but sometimes silence is their most effective leadership tool.

Silence can enrich communications, if used positively. It can even misfire sometimes if inappropriately pitched in. Silent spaces should be used to support communication and not undermine it.


Subrat Saurabh

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