Why is a journey more important than destination?

The journey to any destination starts with a small step. It is always important to take the right steps and learn from the wrong steps. You should always enjoy the journey and keep learning from the process which you undergo during the journey.

You learn a lot of lessons about life from your success as well as from your failures. It helps you to understand what didn’t work well, and what went well. Failure gives you the strength to fight with the problems and Success helps you to be more confident and prepared. We all lose something during our journey, it makes us realize what matters the most in our life and what never did. A journey towards achieving success may not be a bed of roses but believe me it’s worth all the pain.

Most of us want to get success through a short cut but as they say, “There is no short cut to success”. But is it possible? Answer is NO. We cannot achieve anything in life without proper preparation. Short cuts may lead to instant gratification but it’s always short-lived.  Have we ever observed that when we think that we are prepared to live our dream, we end up realizing that somewhat more planning is required and that readiness occurs over the span of the journey?

We often need time for preparation as that is the most important aspect. It is not a great idea to wait for long to execute the tasks. We should always have a set target time to do the right thing at the right time. You can strategize well, make an appropriate plan, review, revise and execute at the right time. During the journey when it gets tougher, it makes you work harder to reach your destination.

A journey is nothing but a set of processes and you need to follow it to reach the destination. You should be sensible enough to respect and understand this process. It is always easy to reach your destination if you make all necessary moves and execute all the processes as per the expectation. However, the kind of decision you take during your journey, will decide the fate of your success and pave the path to your destination.

Journey makes you stronger. You are more wiser and experienced at the end and ready to face another challenge in your life. At the end, when you arrive at your destination, you are a whole new person, more experienced, more mature and wiser. You understand the value of achieving that goal and simply don’t let go so easily.


Subrat Saurabh

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