SSR’s Dil Bechara- A Heart Wrencher, to close the curtains.

Isn’t it surprising that we are a set of hypocrite people who love to point out someone else’s mistake but not ready to accept our own hypocrisy?

How many of you really remember the 5 best movies of SSR?  Most of us only remember his movies like Dhoni: The Untold Story or Chhichhore. He was such a great actor but how many of you have really watched his movies in a theatre ? Nevertheless it does not matter now and you don’t need to answer anyone. Answer yourself! 

His death has left behind many questions to his audience (not fan). He is asking these questions to each one of us. If he was such a versatile, talented and lovable actor then why we didn’t watch his movies in the theatre or if he was just a mediocre actor then why are we behaving like emotional fools and praising him now as if we have lost our own brother or son who didn’t get the deserved appreciation. Question remains the same. Are we a hypocrites? 

Don’t you think that most of those people who are calling Dil Bechara a great movie or praising the talent of Sushant Singh Rajput would have not watched the movie in theatre, if he had been alive today? Because we are hypocrites. All of us. We didn’t care for him while he was alive.

Now, coming to the movie, “Dil Bechara”. Even if we want to accept or not but most of us got emotionally attached to this movie even before it’s release and to be fair it has lived up to the expectations. You will surely love it. Do watch “Dil Bechara” once and you will realise that he deserves all the applaud, which we missed to give him at the right time. Dil Bechara is not a movie, it’s an emotion. Once again, Sushant Singh Rajput gave a power pack performance in Dil Bechara.

Sushant Singh Rajput has left me overwhelmed with emotions and thousands of questions in his last movie. Movie “Dil Bechara”, will make you smile, love him unconditionally and appreciate him for his unstoppable talent. You will surely laugh out loud in first half of the movie and will cry uncontrollably in the second half.

Requesting everyone to watch Sushant Singh Rajpoot’s last movie and make this movie most watched movie. Show your love for a true star and a beautiful human being.

A small request – If you like someone’s creativity, whether it’s a painting, music album, poetry, book, monologue, stand up comedy or any craft then please don’t hesitate to like and share. You will not lose anything and it will motivate the creator. Give it a try, you will love it. Help to promote a local talent.

With Heavy Heart 💔

Subrat Saurabh

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