5 reasons why we should always write down our goals

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” – Zig Ziglar  

Goals are an important aspect of our life’s growth. Whether it’s personal or professional, without setting goals properly, it’s difficult to get the desired outcome. 

Do you set goals for yourself? What are your short term as well as long term goals? What are your aspirations in life? Goal setting is the first step towards successful achievement of your aspirations. It is an important milestone towards success. Not many individuals really have clear objectives with significant steps, recorded on paper. Furthermore, doing this straightforward step can be the game changer between a goal setter and a goal achiever.

Today I’m sharing 5 reasons why writing down your goals increase your chances of achieving them!

1. It will help you to inscribe them firmly on your memory blades.

Our objectives and dreams can be short lived, particularly during the phases where we get diverted due to other factors. At times, we have thousands of things going on and we don’t recollect, we forget each and everything that was once a priority to accomplish. Penning down your major objectives daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, can assist you to resolve this issue.

This will likewise dispose of the clutter in your brain and enable you to concentrate better without recollecting or revisiting everything you need or need to do.

2. It will help you to get focused on the process and procedure.

Whether you want to write a book, lose weight, learn a foreign language or fulfill any other objective, write them down on a piece of paper then it will force you to take next steps towards achieving them. It enables you to put more life into them and over and above motivates you to plan to execute them.

3. It will make you more accountable and clear about what you want.

If you record your goals on a paper or in a diary then you must put them into impactful words and with a timeframe, which will help to make the goals more precise and specific. It enables you to be more transparent and clear about what exactly you want to achieve and in turn it will help you to be more focused and accountable. If you are lagging in completing some tasks on time, to achieve the desired goals then you’re compelled to confront it and it fills you more with a sense of responsibility.

4. It will help to track the progress and push you to achieve.

If you normally audit your objectives, this will enable you to remain on track towards accomplishing them. It is more likely to forget the goals, if you are just keeping in mind. When we don’t see the accomplishments that we’re making towards something, we get discouraged and disheartened – regardless of whether we are making steady progress. However, when you write them, you get an opportunity to outwardly perceive how far you’ve come. This will be additionally more encouraging and inspiring. So to add, I would say adding small milestones towards your goal achievement and regular evaluation would help to make the journey smooth and productive.

5. It will help to keep you motivated and determined.

When you record your goals, and have them before you, it makes you feel progressively inspired to make a move towards them. Whenever I look into my diary, where I have written my objectives, I get a sense of direction, where and how I am moving. In case I notice there are things I haven’t completed yet, that is normally what motivates me to begin completing things. Simply ensure that you record your objectives at some place that you’ll see them as often as possible.

To conclude I would say-

“Conceive your Goals, Write them, Evaluate, Execute, Reap Accomplishment”.  


Subrat Saurabh

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