Why you should necessarily follow your passion?

It is a world of millennial and we may have often heard them getting an advice from expert from previous generation – how to build your own career, branding, or how to be ahead in the race. Without any second thought you may heard giving the same usual advice “Follow your passion” it is important that the individual should follows their passion. 

I’m here to tell you that this is the best advice you’ll ever get, and therefore, you need to start paying attention to it.

1.      Money and Fame are synonymous to Success

Let’s accept this brutal fact and understand the meaning of success which drive everyone.

It is usually considered that Money and Fame are the parameters to define and derive the degree of success for an individual, but true success is not all about money. Success should be ideally defied as an achievement of your desire. You will find some people who are happier to get recognized rather than getting financial compensation. This is particularly true when it comes to work. If someone has passion, there is a possibility that money and pride will follow because the time and effort invested is with enthusiasm.

2.      Passion is important

The more enthusiastic a person is, he will be more inclined to work hard on self-improvement increasing an individual’s chances of success. He will be open to identify and discuss its strength and weakness and willing to work on it to improve further. Passion will keep the momentum going and hard-work will be paid off well.

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3.      It is never too late.

Passion has nothing to do with your age. Anytime is the best time to follow your passion. The best part is that you are lucky to find your passion. Do you think every successful person had started working on its passion from its Kindergarten? Absolutely NO. I am sure you will agree to this. There are many actors who have decided to follow its passion for acting after celebrating 50th birthday or Some decided to do stand-up comedy after investing lakhs of its parent’s money in getting engineering degree or Some decided to become a storyteller and later became a best seller after quitting their banking job.  They are an inspiration and icon for today’s generation.

4.      You will not feel like it is ever forced upon you.

There is no limit of earning money especially when you value money over your health. Work no longer becomes a journey, but more of a pain on your mind and body that has to get done.

We go to work every day with the mindset of working hard, giving our best, to get increment and promotion and you gradually begin to hate your job more and more. While others feel that they must work hard to retire and have money to enjoy, There is also no right time to retire.  What’s the point of enjoying your life in your later years when you spent your life being depressed? If you start working for your passion you will never feel like it’s ever forced upon you. You will start enjoying it.

5.      You will achieve success irrespective of any hindrance.

When you start enjoying what you do, nothing will stop you because you are unstoppable and passionate about what you do. Your passion keeps the momentum going, it helps you to come over the obstacles. Any difficulty that comes your way is acknowledged and fought off with a right solution

Think about it. After all, it’s your life, your career, your future and your happiness.



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