Why you should travel?

Travelling is important as it transform us. By taking a break from your daily routine and your regular life style, we should travel by staying away from the technology and getting engaged in new activities.

Here are my top reasons why travel is important:

1. We get to learn and educate about new places and their history. It helps us to pick new words in a different language. We might run into a difficult or tough situation where we need to be smart and think differently. It helps you to become much smarter in a demanding situation. It helps us to Connect to other cultures and people. It helps to expand our awareness and knowledge.

2. We all are a human being not a robot. We work like a donkey and leading a fast-paced life to compete with others to sustain in market. Our body needs a break. Gives us a break from our fast lives, recharge ourselves by travelling. It helps, try it.

3. Most importantly travel help us to break various myth about new places, their culture, food and habits.  We get various “first-time” experiences during the travel which definitely make us stronger; mentally, physically, and emotionally. Travel helps us to give some time to heal which in turn reduces stress and helps us regain enthusiasm for life.

4. We get a chance to meet strangers which may lead to interact with them. It helps us to understand distinct set of people with different mindset and approach. It also helps us to improve our psychology. It helps us to get to know our self better. Something like “Rediscover our self”. Believe it or not, social networks is a real thing – in real life. Damn, I know. Establishing new connections and building a network with them is one of the smartest things you can do in today’s world.

5. Every trip will make you a better story teller. You have lots of stories to share. Who do you think people want to listen to? someone who spent his vacations at home doing cooking or watching soccer, or the one who spent a week in Goa, driving a scooty with his friend’s or doing sky diving at St. Kilda beach at Melbourne or trying some deliciously spicy food in Hyderabad? Think about it because I know which kind of story I want to hear. It creates a life time memory for your grandchildren. Believe me, you will be a best grand parent for your grand kids.

“The most magical thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back”. Today, plan your new year trip for 2020. Go somewhere new where you have never been before. Try something adventurous! Love yourself, love your life and love to spend time with yourself and family.


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