A Journey to Java

Written By – Ankita Chakraborty (Author of “ Memoirs of Java: From an Indian Perspective” )

This is a non-fiction book based on my experiences on Java Island of Indonesia. So, what motivates me to write about my experiences? The answer is very simple, the immense love and care, that I had received from the people of Indonesia. I was a student of International Relation with South East Asia as my special area of interest; from there I had learned more about culture and tradition of South East Asian countries. It came as blessings when I had got selected for scholarship from the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Education to study and explore culture of Indonesia, I also feel proud to represent India and Her culture among the other nations of the world.

I used to live in a city called Semarang and used to study in UNNES (the State University of Semarang). During my stay in Semarang, I had explored a lot of Javanese culture, cuisines and tradition. It is very interesting to note that we had shared similar cultural linkages, the Ramayana and Mahabharata connects us.Central Java consisted of many ruins of ancient temples dedicated to Shiva, Durga, Arjuna etc. Central Java is itself fascinating consisting of beautiful landscapes, volcanic mountains, stunning waterfalls along with the rich culture and mouth-watering cuisines.

My book has covered some of my experiences in Java Island, which describes the love of Indonesian people to the Indian people, mainly because of the popularity of our Bollywood movies there. One can find that in every single household, small roadside shop, our daily soaps are telecasted. They are very much interested in our culture like saree, bindi, mehendi, jewelleries, sindoor etc. They are also very curious about our food like roti or our spices. I feel lucky that I got enough time to mix with the people and receive their love. Everyone I went,people received me with warm welcome as I am from land of Shah Rukh Khan, every people can sing our Bollywood song, even the small school kids, who sometimes used to come to me to take my ‘autographs’. They make me feel like celebrity at every point of time. The most popular Bollywood song that people of Indonesia love is ‘Tum Hii Ho’ from movie Aaashiqui 2 and everyone sing with full enthusiasm and correct lyrics. The other popular Bollywood track is ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hain’. People adore Arijit Singh’s songs too much in Indonesia.  Because of the popularity of Bollywood movies and songs there, they treat Indians like a star. My book is full of many such incidences that I had experiences during my one year stay in Indonesia.

The book covers many other incidents, cuisines, travel, lifestyles and my experiences in Indonesia. It was full of fun, with lots of adventures along with my visit to different parts of Java as guests either from ministry or from private institutions to represent my country, to explore Indonesia culture, and to get a lot of memories. One year in Indonesia, gives me lots of friends, lots of memories, push me beyond my comfort zone in trying new adventures in life and also to represent my country as well as promote goodwill between two nations.

I am grateful that I received awards at ‘The Indian Awaz’ , ‘100 inspiring authors of India’ and I wish goodwill and more connectivity between the people of India and South East Asia.

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