Written By – Sujata Chatterjee (Author of “ Looking through the PRISM : Spectrum”)

When you have a dream

Save them in your heart

It will be oxygenated in your lungs

It shall run through your arteries

And be distributed to your organs.


Do not store them in your eyes

As they will fall as tears

Your photographic retina

Shall focus the dreams as sadness

Your iris will develop them as negatives.


Do not store them in your brain

As it will drown in the cerebrospinal fluid

Fall into the sulci from the gyri

The grey matter will ask questions

And will forever search for answers

The answers that even Google doesn’t know.

~ By Dr Sujata Chatterje


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  1. Lovely poems. Your book is one that touches the heart . One would want to read it over and over again .

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