My journey from a non-author to an author

Written By – Abhishek Goswami (Author of “The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems” )

It was always my dream to become a published author. Right from childhood, I always liked reading books across genres like Adventures, thrillers, mysteries, historical, science fictions etc. Gradually, I got interested in writing stuff like short stories etc. Me and one of my friends decided to write a novel one day. We developed the synopsis, the plot and even wrote a few pages. But then, as life is, we were slowly drawn away by our daily life routines, office jobs, family life etc. So, the novel remained unfinished and my writing process also stopped. All these years, the desire to write something worthwhile and reaching out to the wider world with it remained burning inside, but I did very little to fulfill it. I thought with ever increasing responsibilities in life, I will never be able to do it and so did not even try doing anything about it. I also realized that writing a full-length novel is indeed a very compelling task, in terms of dedication, time, mental energy involved and it requires a lot of patience to plan the whole thing out as well. Maybe I lacked the patience and determination to carry out this task. I did use to write short poems to popularize a few office fun activities like the cricket tournaments and wrote a few blogs as well about our offsite trips as well. However, something was still missing and I was not getting fully motivated to write further.

During one of the office events in 2016, I witnessed some wonderful stuff displayed as exhibits like paintings and photography done by some of our colleagues. I felt that I also can do what I want to do and felt encouraged and motivated. I made up my mind to capture some of the experiences I had in life in the form of short poems. I made a separate Facebook page dedicated to my poems which got good reviews and I felt confident enough to think and planned to write more stuff.


My first book, a collection of poems, “The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems” was published in Nov’2017 and covers various topics like Life, Spirituality, Nature, Humor, Mystery, Science, Lives of famous personalities and even science fiction. This book has 35 poems in it and can be enjoyed by all age groups.


It has got very good response in the World book fair, Chennai book fair and Agra book fair this year. It is available in various book stores in Mumbai and pretty soon will be available in cities like Greater Noida, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Secunderabad.

Also available online through Amazon, Flipkart, Notion Press and as an e-book in Kindle and Google Play. Visit my site for more details.


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