Book Review – A Friend Like Karna

Title: A Friend Like Karna

Author: Madhav Thapar

Pages: 182

Published in :2017

Publisher: Notion Press

Inspired by the heroic and legendary Karna, this book is a contemporary dramatic novel set against the backdrop of modern Corporate India. Thrills, suspense and a tender underlying love story ensure that the book moves at a very fast pace and keeps the reader engaged right until the unpredictable end.

The characterization is sharp and vivid with each actor playing a significant role in the evolution of the story. You will recognize many of the locales, names and references to the glamour word, and on the dark side, the Mafia, which ensures that the reader establishes an immediate connect with the plot. An important aspect is that even though it is an action filled book with a strong alpha male at the center of the plot, the female characters emerge as equally strong and admirable and are extremely important to the story.

The narrative itself is in a unique mix of first person and third person story-telling and shifts effortlessly across locations and time lines. Each sub plot of significance is brought to a logical conclusion and is cleverly inter weaved to be a part of the main story line.

Some of my favorite lines from the book which create enough curiosity and suspense are:

“Two wise men, one common problem, different conclusions. As the two stalwarts procrastinate, the wheels of fate continue to spin on relentlessly….”

“Crime only pauses, it never ceases”

“A few hours later a call is placed to Karachi on a burner phone. The recipient: one of the most wanted men in the world, but also someone who does not officially exist in the country he lives in.”

It is a book best read in one sitting and indeed it is hard to put down. As it progresses from scene to scene, frame by frame, there is always the burning question in the readers mind:  “So, what will happen next?”

The Prologue and Epilogue are the two bookends of the entire narration, with the conclusion of the theme coming in the very last lines.

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20 thoughts on “Book Review – A Friend Like Karna

  1. As you have mentioned, it is unique mix of first person and third person story. this is interesting. I would love to grab a copy soon

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    1. Wow you are lucky Madhav
      To get a review by Subrat
      I wish I could be lucky too for my book “Oas Ki Boondein”

      A really good read best of luck Madhav

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  2. “Why have you chosen the book name related to Karna? Is that it has anything to do with Mahabharata?


  3. L what inspired you to chose the books name related to Karna? Is it has somehow related to Mahabharata?


    1. Hi Sonali,
      Karna of the Mahabharata is a character I have always admired and has inspired this story. It is loosely based on the Mahabharata. However the setting is modern day India and the backdrop is of the Indian Corporate World with generous doses of suspense and a tender romance . I hope you will find the time to read and enjoy it and will look forward to your comments .


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