Author Interview – Neha Jindal

Neha Jindal is an author of debut book “Phases of Moon”. It was pleasure interacting with her.

Q 1 – Hello Neha, Thanks for giving time from your busy schedule. Tell us something about your background.

[Neha] : It’s my pleasure to interact with you. I hail from the land of Virangana Rani Laxmi Bai, Jhansi. I have completed my basic education from RLPS, Jhansi, that has laid the stones of courage and self-confidence in me. I am Commerce graduate from Barkatullah University, Bhopal and also a semi-qualified Chartered Accountant.

I have 10 years of corporate experience in the finance and accounts. I left my corporate job in 2015 and now I am a full time author and mother of 5 years old twins.

Q 2 – Please tell us something about your journey as a writer. Would you like to share us a source of inspiration?

[Neha] : I started writing poetry from my teenage years, had a big gap of 15years before I resumed my passion. My inspiration for writing poetry comes from my schooling days. I would thank my school English mentor, Mrs Sangeeta Suri, whose teaching style of poetry made me inclined towards English poetry. My father has also been into writing Hindi poetry and that gives me an inherited love for poetry.

Q 3 – Please tell us something about Phases of Moon”.

[Neha] : My book “Phases of Moon”, is a collection of beautiful poems that reflects emotions of a girl from teenage to adulthood. It is an outpour of small feelings that we experience in our lifetime; feelings of love, infatuation, view about life, marriage, motherhood and many more. I would say it’s a complete package emotion.

Q 4 – Are you happy with the response on your book? How are you trying to connect to your readers?

[Neha] : Yes, I am very happy to see the response for my book. During last few months I have been able to reach a respectable number of genuine readers for my book and its growing every day.

With respect to increasing the reader base, I have been promoting my book on various social media platforms i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp groups. In addition to that I am also trying to connect with people with the help of Poetry events organised in the city. So basically a blend of online and offline means.

Q 5 – How Long does it take you to write this book?

[Neha] : My book “Phases of Moon” is conceived over a long period of time. As I mentioned before I started writing poetry during my teens, so you can say it’s a result of my work over a period of 15 good years.

Q 6 – How was your experience in World Book Fair in Delhi and Chennai?

[Neha] : Amazing is how I would define it. Being at World Book Fair in Delhi gave me an opportunity to meet so many new authors with different genres of writing. Was able to learn how readers see your work and what they look for in a particular genre of writing.

This was the first opportunity for me to make offline sales and helped me to interact with the readers face to face. Overall it was a great experience.

Q 7 – How did you get a chance to published?

[Neha] : I would not call it a chance but would rather say that I encashed the opportunity at the right time. I was in the process of compiling my poetry work and was searching for the publisher. I came across my publisher’s site and found the same to be convincing place to put my trust in. I sent my sample work for the publisher’s approval which turned out to be positive and resulted into a beautiful book.

Q 8 – Can you please share your editing experience about your published book?

[Neha] :  I did not opt for any editing services with the publisher in particular. I went for self editing of the book, deciding about the paragraphing and second review as it’s a poetry collection. In poetry if you don’t punctuate the text well, the essence that you want to convey to the readers gets lost. So, I personally feel, self editing is best for poetry.

Q 9 – How did you react when you saw the first copy of your debut book “Phases of Moon” which is creating a buzz in the market?

[Neha] : It was a pretty heart-warming moment for me when I saw the first copy of my book. I was waiting so much for my collection to come out in the market and when I saw my book for the first time, it was like a dream come true.

Q 10 – What can we expect from your next book? Are you going to focus only on English Poetry?

[Neha] : My next ventures would give my readers a taste of diversified genres, as well as language. My upcoming book would be an engrossing collection of Hindi poetry co-authored by my father, Shri Surendra K. Gupta and the other would be a non-fiction work of words in English language.

Q 11 – Would you like to share any specific pattern or style of writing with our readers?

[Neha] : I have been more into a rhythmic style of writing where the consecutive lines sound coherent to each other giving your words a flow. Recently I am diversifying my style of writing poetry into non-rhythmic one. My recent poem “Smile in the womb” is one of this type, not a part of my book “Phases of Moon”. You can check it out on my blog

Q 12 – Who is you favorite authors? What do you like about his/her work?

[Neha] : I haven’t got a chance to read a series of books by any particular author as of now, more in a habit to pick different authors every time.

Q 13 – What do you do in your leisure time? What does yours prefer timing to write?

[Neha] : For a mom of twins having leisure time is a luxury :-0. Jokes apart, whenever I get some spare time, I devote it to writing and music. Words and rhythm is soul reliever for me.

Q 14 – Have you done any course for writing?

[Neha] : I haven’t done any course for writing. I am really thankful to my education that laid the platform for me to express myself freely.

Q 15 – What advice you want to give to aspiring authors? If your readers want to connect with you, how can they do that? Tell readers about your socials to connect. If you have any blog/website, please tell.

[Neha] : For all the aspiring authors, I would like to suggest please do work on your reader base for sure before you bring out your work in print. Also I would like to say that to be a good author you need to be a good reader. Read a lot that will help you to portray your work in a much better way.

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  1. Thank you so much Kartik. My next book will be of Hindi poetry, so you can check that out. Would like to tell you that my book “Phases of Moon” is written in simple English and is very relatable. If you wanna give it a try, do grab your copy at


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